Our Senior team

Martin & Margaret Ruddick

Senior Pastors
Martin and Margaret Ruddick are Senior Leaders here at Amazing!Grace and you couldn’t find a more gifted, cool, funny, good looking and humble couple anywhere (written by Martin)! They Head up a fantastic Team of Elders and Ministries. Wonderful men and women who’s joy and privilege it is to serve the Church and International Ministry.


Stuart and Marion Braye

Andy and Esther Braye

Ian and Carolyn Duffew

Kris and Kinna Allikas

Tom and Stacey Gibbons

Keith and Julie Lewis

Ministry Team

Karl and Terje Allikas

Lauri and Bekah Pesur

Franco and Jill Sinaguglia

Alari and Katrin Allikas

Tom and Lora Richters


Stephen and Sarah Simpson